Company Profile

Foundation: 1967

Employees: 160

Range of products: International furniture and accessories made from natural material with handycrafted unique character (range of products: about 2.000 different articles)

Production centers: world wide

Lifestyle-books: "Interieur" 1991; "Inspiration" 1993; "Mallorca" 1995; "Invitation" 1997; "Recipes for Living and Dining" 1999; "FORM FOLLOWS LIFE" 2001, "LIVING LAMBERT" 2003, "CHARACTERS" 2004, "TRAVEL the WORLD" 2006, "CROSSCULTURE" 2008, "FEELINGHOME" 2010, "INDIVIDUALS" 2012

actual: "PASSION" 2015

Sampler: Sampler I 1998; Sampler II 2000; Sampler III 2005, Sampler IV 2011, Sampler V 2017

Holder: Bernd D. Ehrengart

Retail Partners: About 800 retail partners allover Germany, Europe and Overseas.

Available in the Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Scandinavia, Iceland, Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and Asia.