Akuma vessel large aluminium

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bronze antik
H 34,5 cm, B 33 cm, T 6,5 cm
Product description

With its unusual form the Akuma vase looks like a small sculpture, easily making it a decorative work of art. The flat disc of the corpus stands regally on a small pedestal; a fine ridge accentuates its centre. Akuma is made in an aluminium sand-casting process. Its exquisite shape is first carefully pre-modelled in wax. The surface is refined in several steps until the fine satin finish achieves its perfection. Finally, Akuma is finished with either bronze patina or matte nickel plating. Delicate flowers and twigs look particularly nice in the Akuma vase. It should not be filled with water due to the join between the corpus and the pedestal. The surface can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Sharp objects will leave scratches on the delicate finish and should not be used.
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