Amaya outdoor 2 seater bench

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Gestell: Stahlrohr pulverbeschichtet, Geflecht aus 'Fish Net Rope'
H 79 cm, 130x73 SH 38,5 cm
Product description

This outdoor lounge furniture is a comfortable everyday companion. Amaya combines hard-wearing and durable mesh material, metal tubing and upholstery to create a unique combination. The unique lightness of this furniture makes handling a breeze. To enjoy your furniture for a particularly long time, store it dry in winter. Special note: The "floating" central foot on the Amaya bench seems a little unusual at first glance, but it is necessary to ensure perfect stability under load. As soon as you take a seat on the bench, the shorter leg lowers and pushes the side legs slightly outwards. In furniture technology, this construction method is used for all longer seating and reclining furniture, such as benches, sofas and beds. With the Amaya bench, a "floating tolerance" of the central foot of 1-2 cm is possible. With longer use or loading of the furniture, this floating tolerance is minimised and the metal construction can adapt to the respective floor conditions."
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