Aspen wire basket

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H 25 cm, B 46,5 cm, T 30 cm
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The classic Form of the Aspen fireplace basket is naturally well-suited for keeping firewood for the fireplace, but can also be used to hold newspapers, knitting and other such things. Aspen is a nice eye-catcher in a living room. In a workshop that is a long-time partner of Lambert, where among others Thoban is produced, this work of art is made of countless metal rods hand-soldered together and moulded into shape. Each solder point has a visible golden sheen, creating special handcrafted accents to the workpiece. The sturdy metal wires are purposely left in their natural colour and are protected from corrosion by a layer of clear varnish. Some air is trapped below this protective layer to purposely allow natural and irregular oxidation to develop over time. To clean the basket, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth, preferably microfibre, and do not leave it outdoors in wet weather.
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Aspen wire basket
Aspen wire basket
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