Auros candle in vessel

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Parfüm 'Oriental Dawn'
H 9 cm, B 11 cm
Product description

The Auros container is handmade with fine metal, then covered with a layer of brass. Auros is filled with high-quality paraffin wax with a large proportion of fragrance oil. Its scent is light and discreet, enhancing the living environment for any occasion and creating a relaxed atmosphere. After the candle has burned down, the container can be used for keeping small treasures or cotton swabs and pads in the bathroom. Precious room fragrances add to our surroundings and are an important part of living for many people. The composition of the fragrances is tested for allergens in an independent lab and certified accordingly. Never leave a lit scented candle unattended.
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Auros candle in vessel
Auros candle in vessel
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