Bamako basket woven wire

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natur anthrazit
H 31,5 cm D 48,5 cm
Product description

The archaic shape of the Bamako baskets has an almost African appearance. They are of course not only decorative but also practical in use. Whether for magazines, knitting utensils or fruit, Bamako adds special highlights to any living area. Produced in a manufactory closely affiliated with Lambert, which also makes Thoban, among others, this piece of art is made of countless metal rods soldered and finished by hand. All soldering points are visibly golden and add accents to the workpiece. The sturdy metal wire is purposely kept in its natural colour with a clear varnish to protect it from corrosion. Some air is trapped below this protective layer to purposely allow natural and irregular oxidation to develop over time. To clean the basket, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth, preferably microfibre, and do not leave it outdoors in wet weather.
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