Charlie sidetable size40x40x40 cm

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Stahl heißgewalzt+geölt/ Hirnholzfurnier
H 40 cm, 40 x 40 cm
Product description

This practical side table is characterized by its geometrical, cubic appearance. The cube of hot-rolled steel plates has a table top that is inlaid with end-grain oak veneer. When making end-grain veneer, the tree trunk is cut across instead of lengthwise. This way, the growth rings are visible as circles and give an insight into the history and advanced age of the tree. The veneers used on Charlie come from oak trees that are at least 70 years and older, developing cracks on the inside of their trunks which are later filled with black synthetic resin varnish and polished. The Lambert Wood Care Set is excellently suited for taking care of Charlie. The pure nut oil is applied with the enclosed cloth in a thin film to the surface of the end-grain wood and distributed evenly, then polished dry. The steel plates can also be treated with the oil in order to remove fingerprints or dirt. However, the iron surfaces should also be polished dry with a soft cloth afterwards.
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