Dado pillar small epoxy stand aluminium

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Product details
Untergestell Eisen pulverbeschichtet, Tischplatte Aluminium, Sandguss
schwarz/Platte graphit-finish
H 70 cm, B 30 cm, T 30 cm
Product description

Pillar-like console tables are a favourite of the new furnishing style. Valuable stand-alone collector’s pieces displayed on them turn into heroes. They are also perfect for placing table lamps beside the sofa or as an excellent holder of things in the hallway. The delicate yet solid frame carries an elegantly patinated metal top, which is intentionally scored with lines and irregularities in a classic sand-casting process. In a final refining step the surface is given its special graphite finish, which underscores its original, natural beauty. To clean the surface, simply use a damp soft microfiber cloth. Wine and other acidic liquids will damage the surface and must therefore be wiped off immediately.
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