Daiki vessel aluminium

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H 21 cm D 25 cm
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The simple shape of the Daiki containers is captivating with a special finish. A downwards tapering, linear structure appears to be carved in the outside surface, which is in fact modelled by hand in wax before being poured in a sandcasting process. Then the surface is refined in several handcrafting steps and finally nickel plated in a galvanizing process. To create the beautiful colour gradient of the patina, the vessel is dipped in different immersion baths. Daiki can be used as a cache pot for plants and flowers, although it is always advisable to use a liner or coaster to protect the metal from corrosion. The surface can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth, but sharp and abrasive objects will leave scratches on the exquisite finish.
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Daiki vessel aluminium
Daiki vessel aluminium
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