Daily tea-/ coffespoon stainless steel satined

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L 14 cm
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Everyday cutlery for standard menus is crafted of durable, mat-brushed stainless steel and has a sleek design. Daily's handles are made of bakelite, a nostalgic synthetic raisin, which is said to be the first fully synthetic plastic material. Due to the handles, Daily is not dishwasher-recommended, since bakelite will become brittle and greyish over time if exposed to high temperatures or overdoses of aggressive detergent. And if the handles should become dull after many washing cycles, simply shine them up again with a few drops of vegetable oil. Like all manufacturers of cutlery, we recommend always pre-rinsing the blades of the knives before putting them in the dishwasher and buffing them with a dishtowel afterwards. If the metal elements should get a bit of surface rust, this can easily be removed with a pot scourer.
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