Elina fragrance candle in vessel

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Product details
Parfüm " Orange Blossoms & Ginger"
silber schwarz ombre, 1 Docht
H 9 cm, D 8 cm, Brenndauer 40h
Product description

A light and unobtrusive scent enhances living spaces on any occasion, while extending an invitation to relax. The glass container of Elina is elegantly adorned with a colour gradient. It is filled with high-quality paraffin wax and tested for allergens. Never leave a lit scented candle unattended or in small spaces such as guest restrooms, as soot can otherwise form. To get the most out of your candle, it should not be left burning for more than two hours at a time. Take care to keep the candle plate free of soot particles and do not position the candle in a drought. This is the only way to prevent the formation of soot as the candle burns down.
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