Evella fragrance candle in vessel with lid

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Product details
Duft 'Oriental Dawn'
nickel antik, silber
H 12,5 cm, D 8,5 cm
Product description

On the occasion of it’s 50 year anniversary Lambert has developed a special scented candle in a gift carton. The scent is light and unobtrusive. It embellishes the surroundings on every occasion and invites for relaxation. The jar of Evella is metalized and receives through this process a vintage character. The candlelight shimmers romantically through the glass. The knob of the classy nickel plated metal cover is represented by the distinctive Lambert Logo. After the candle has been burnt off, the jar can be used to safely keep valuables or in to keep cotton pads and buds in the bathroom. Precious scents embellish our surroundings and play an important role in the homes of many people. Evella is filled with a high-quality paraffin mix containing a high percentage of perfumed oil. The ingredients of the perfumes are tested for allergens by an independent laboratory and certified accordingly. Never let your scented candle burn unattended.
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