Fadi Suspended lamp

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1 Schirm 'Apfelform' runder Baldachin, Soap Stone, schwarz/Alu, ohne Leuchtmittel
Schirm D 12 cm, L gesamt ca. 110 cm, E 14
Product description

Fadi perfectly unites traditional
handcrafting artistry and modern design.
What is unique about these pendant lamps is their material combination. Deep black soapstone and polished aluminium enhance each other perfectly in the teardrop shapes. With a speciallytooled instrument it is possible to carefully drill holes in the stone, which are later filed and polished to a high shine. The three lamp variants offer numerous possibilities for finding the right spot in a livingroom. Whether hung as an individual lamp in a small space or in a group of five over a dining table or in a high-ceilinged room, Fadi invariably creates excellent lighting conditions.
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Fadi Suspended lamp
Fadi Suspended lamp
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