Florence cutlery, 30-piece set set of 6,

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für 6 Personen, mit je 6 Tafellöffeln, Tafelgabeln, Tafelmessern, Teelöffeln und Kuchengabeln
Edelstahl, matt
Product description

A table only looks perfect when set with the right combination of cutlery, dishes and glassware. The new and well-proportioned Florence cutlery is a re-edition of a Lambert classic, which originated in the 1920s. Its shape is reminiscent of the classic “Spaten” flatware design, while meeting today’s needs in terms of proportion and practicality. Each piece of Florence cutlery is made of high-quality stainless steel and the hollow-handled knife is made of corrosion-resistant special blade steel. Hollow-handled knives in particular stand for the highest quality. The entire set, including the knife, is dishwasher-safe. Please rinse your cutlery to prevent food from caking on, as staining could occur in sensitive spots despite the high quality of the steel. Florence is available with either a polished matte or shiny finish.
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