Harry sidetable with drawer,

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Product details
Eisen/Eiche teilmassiv
H 57 cm D 45 cm
Product description

Only very few pieces of furniture are as flexible in terms of function, design and uses as a side table – whether as a coffee table, night stand or simply a shelf to put things down beside an armchair, Harry delivers everything a good piece of occasional furniture has to offer. The most convincing aspect of Harry is its high-quality veneer work – one of the most challenging tasks for furniture joiners is applying veneers to rounded surfaces and edges with a precise radius. The drawer of the table is a practical place to keep such items as the TV remote or a pocket novel. Lambert offers this small table in partly solid dark-stained oak and American walnut. Clean the table with warm water and a soft cotton cloth to remove light dust and dirt. Stubborn stains or extreme soiling can be removed with natural soap, which is left on the wood for a few minutes and then rubbed off. Acids, such as those found in fruit juice, can cause damage to the wood and should be wiped immediately.
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