Jugendstil (art nouveau) jug 1 l crystal H29cm

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Kristallglas mit Optik
H 29 cm
Product description

The jug is an archaic container for holding liquids, in the Middle Ages usually made of clay and used for beverages that were intended for immediate consumption. A more elegant version for refined dining tables can be found in the Lambert classic “Jugendstil”. Its shape actually originated in the art nouveau movement, which determines the overall look. Made of shimmering crystal glass, the Jugendstil pitcher is mouth-blown. In order to shape the rim of the spout, a cut is made in the molten glass and the opening is then melted again over an open flame. The gently curved handle is made separately and then attached to the body. This fine pitcher should be washed by hand after use to keep the glass sparkling for as long as possible.
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