Kananga lantern woven wire

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natur anthrazit
H 69 cm, D 40 cm (mit Griff H94cm)
Product description

The Kananga lanterns could have originated from ancient Japan, but are small masterpieces of contemporary handcrafting skill. For years a small manufacturer has been making these little pieces of wire art for Lambert. Sturdy metal wires are cut to the desired length and soldered together one by one to create this objet d’art. In order to protect the surface, it is galvanized and then powder-coated. Nonetheless, the Kananga lantern should be exposed to the elements for any length of time, as the many soldering points holding the workpiece together could corrode. Wax residue can be removed with warm water. Sharp objects and abrasive sponges will scratch the surface and should not be used.
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