Isumi hurricane aluminium with glass insert

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Product details
Aluminium mit Glaseinsatz
nickel matt
H 30 cm D 24 cm
Product description

On delicate little feet, Isumi stands taller than the others with a new, unusual presence. With a glass cylinder Isumi becomes a storm lantern that can be used anywhere. It is also ideal for serving pralines, petit fours and small snacks. The form is made of cast aluminium, which is then meticulously polished, galvanized and patinated by hand. The dish should be cleaned only with warm water, a soft cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid. Melted wax is best removed with warm water, and no sharp objects should be used, as they will leave scratches on the delicate surface. Acids from fruit and juice can leave spots on the surface and must be wiped off immediately.
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