Maddox coffee table set of 2 round

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Product details
Untergestell Metall, Tischplatte Aluminium, Sandguss, Ätztechnik
schwarz/Platte graphit/vernickelt (nur als Set)
H 36 cm, D 56 cm/ H 41 cm, D 68 cm
Product description

Round coffee table Maddox turns out to be a true space saver, as it is two overlying tables than can easily be pulled apart. The Maddox table frame is made from powder-coated metal. With a very old handcrafting technique, so-called acid etching, the top is given an organic surface texture. To achieve this, the desired pattern is covered with wax and the table top is placed in an etching bath for some time, which erodes the exposed metal. The interplay of dark patinated surface and high-gloss nickel plating makes this set of tables very special. Maddox is not intended for outdoor areas. Do not use abrasive microfibre cloths to clean the surface, but rather a soft damp cloth. Red wine and other acidic liquids can corrode the surface and should always be wiped off immediately.
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