Mingkasa grey-green cabinet with eggshell doors

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Korpus und Untergestell Eiche massiv, schwarz gebeizt und lackiert, Türen mit 'Eggshell'-Auflage (Unikat), Innenleben: 3 Böden, 6 Schubladen, Oberteil inkl. Türen mit Softclose-Scharnieren
schwarzgrau/ grünschwarz/ schwarz
80 x 42 x 160 cm
Product description

With its clever combination of drawers and compartments, Mingkasa is ideal for housing private treasures. The tiny drawers are irresistible and even with the doors closed this cabinet is itself a treasure of craftsmanship. Eggshell and natural lacquer are traditional decorative materials in East Asia. We preserve the original technique of hand-applied and hand-polished eggshell and lacquer. 8 layers of natural lacquer are applied to the substrate, each layer dried and polished. Then the eggshell is inlaid in a layer of wet lacquer. Another 10 layers of lacquer are applied, dried and polished. The striking finish in Makassar optics makes this cupboard a unique sculpture for living spaces.
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