Morton shelf-system oak/steel 8o x32 x 191 cm

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Rahmen Eiche massiv, wild, gewachst, Fachböden u. Decke aus pulverbeschichtetem Stahl
H 191 cm, B 80 cm, T 32 cm
Product description

Imposing furniture of rustic oak with the outer surface left practically in its natural state. Visibly knots and cracks further underscore the special character of the Morton series and the rustic charm of wild oak. The 2-door front is made of plywood covered with natural grey-mottled merino felt or anthracite-black linoleum. Thin iron intarsia inlays divide the front into squares, in the centre is a cubical handle made of scaled and waxed black plate. When caring for this product, please keep in mind that the iron shelves and door handle don’t like moisture. Any spots on the felt should be wiped away with a soft cloth dipped in water with a few drops of vinegar in it. Linoleum is a very easy-care material. Slight soiling can be wiped away with a wrung-out cleaning cloth. Spots and fingerprints should be wiped off right away with a soft cloth and water, if necessary with a neutral cleaning solution. Do not use any aggressive solvents and always rinse off the affected area with clear wa
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