Bago tableset of 3 pcs. lacquered antique-silver

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Chinalack, Blattsilber
1 Satz = 3 Größen
Product description

The Bago side-table set is impressively elegant in its design and versatile enough for use in any room. Thanks to the clear, aesthetic form of the tables, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the fascinating materiality and surface finish. It takes several days to finish a Bago table: in a process involving many layers of the finest Chinese lacquer, then adorned with genuine silver leaf that has been patinated. In the first step the silver leaf is tarnished with a patina to achieve a special warm nuance. Before the final layer of paint has fully dried, this delicate material is set by hand into the surface. Once the surface has dried completely, several layers of clear varnish are applied and then sanded and polished for many hours with ever-finer sandpaper. Depending on the angle of the light, slight irregularities can be seen in the surface, which is a sure sign of genuine handcrafting and differentiates this masterpiece of craftsmanship from any factory-made product.
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