Dario mirror, sawtooth black 90x90 cm

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90 x 90 cm
Product description

Mirrors have been an integral component of our furnishings for centuries. They add highlights and bring elegance to a room. With Dario, Lambert offers a square mirror for the hallway or entrance area. When hung vertically, the rectangular variant is perfectly suited as a mirror for a dressing room. Horizontally across a wall, Dario is particularly impressive. Lambert is using so-called 3-D veneers for the very first time on these extraordinary mirrors. In the manufacturing process, razor-sharp blades are used to peel thin layers of wood from the log. Firm, quick strokes with the blade create this unusual texture, reminiscent of rough sawn boards or waves in the sand by the sea. The surface is given a three-dimensional aspect and a very special feel. Lambert also offers Dario in an end-grain wood variation, with the frame veneered with end-grain oak.
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