Jandra wall tealightholder

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Eisen, schwarz patiniert
H 6,5 cm x B 23 cm x T 20,5 cm
Product description

Before the invention of electricity, the long hallways and entrance halls of castles and upper-class houses used to be illuminated with so-called wall sconces. The surfaces of the sconces were either polished or affixed with mirrors or shiny metal to reflect the candlelight. Such romantic lighting is back in fashion. The Jandra wall sconces are made of light-weight iron and crafted with considerable artistic skill. The beautiful, hand-hammered thick rim is covered with a protective coating to prevent the material from rusting. The reflector is adorned with gold or silver metal plating, creating a romantic light reflection. The round and oval shapes can be combined to create wonderful wall art. The untreated iron can change colour over time and develop a natural patina.
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