Kalimera plate starpattern desert sands D23 H3,5cm

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Product details
Stoneware, Sterndekor
H 3,5, D 23 cm
Product description

Irregular shapes and geometrical patterns are characteristic of the archaic look of this new line of hand-shaped ceramic articles. This robust hard-stone-ware is made in a small factory, where the potters still prove their traditional expert skills by creating modern and innovative products: dishwasher-safe and shockproof tableware suited for every-day use, which reflects the authenticity of thousands of years of ceramic art.
Kalimera is glazed in the typical colours of the Greek Mediterranean world: dazzling white, soft desert sand beige and bright ceramic blue. The glaze is a so-called reactive glaze to which the craftsmen add coarse, grainy pigments and minerals. During firing process, these particles will melt thus mixing with the glaze. Ever-new colour nuances are the result of this elaborate process.
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