Kaya vessel aluminium, big

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H 33 cm, D 24 cm
Product description

Impressive containers add special highlights to any living ambience. Kaya is a special and unmistakeable example of this. The contrast between the patinated base and the shiny nickel-plated neck further underscores the simple shape. The shimmering anthracite patina is applied by hand to each individual piece and is slightly irregular. Do not leave water in this beautiful vase for any length of time, as this could leave scale and mineral deposits and cause the material to corrode and leak. If you want to display decorative cut flowers and branches in Kaya, it is advisable to use a plastic insert. The surfaces of Kaya should not be cleaned with sharp objects or abrasive cloths, as this would damage the fine finish. All that is needed is a soft cloth and some warm water.
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