Keiko stool gold leaf H 51 cm, D 40 cm

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H 51 cm, D 40 cm
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The exciting surfaces and high-quality materials of Keiko make it an unmistakable living sculpture. This extraordinary remake of a classic piece is further proof of Lambert’s expertise and competence in the area of occasional furniture. Keiko Gold is produced in a process that takes several days. Numerous layers of clear varnish and genuine gold leaf are applied. This delicate material is applied by hand onto the still wet surface. Once the surface has dried completely, several layers of clear varnish are applied and then sanded and polished for many hours with ever-finer sandpaper until the perfect shine is achieved. The application of the extremely thin metal leaf is a pure handcrafting process, the authenticity of which can be seen in the slight irregularities and folds in the surface of the gold patina.
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