Kuori tray aluminium/ brass

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Product details
Aluminium/ Messing
anthrazit/ gold
H 3 cm D 34 cm
Product description

When making these extraordinary pieces the Lambert designers were inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsukuori, which sees imperfection as a special kind of beauty. This technique was originally used to join the fragments of valuable ceramics and enhance the breaks with gold. To make the Kuori containers and bowls, a small manufactory developed a special technique that unites two different metals with completely different melting temperatures and flow properties in a single workpiece. Small irregularities and inclusions cannot be avoided in the highly complex process and are part of the individual character of these small works of art. The anthracite patina may have slight colour variations, which is another mark of the extraordinary handcrafting. These container should not be filled with water. Please use a glass or plastic insert for the water if you want to use Kuori as a vase.
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