Latifa Suspended lamp "5 lamp shades "

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Product details
5 Schirme 'Tropfenform', runder Baldachin, vernickelt, poliert, ohne Leuchtmittel
vernickelt/ poliert
Schirm D 15 cm, L gesamt ca. 110 cm, Baldachin: D 33 cm, E 14
Product description

The classic, timeless form of calabash squash inspired the design for this pendant lamp. The shades are nickel-plated from both the outside and inside and polished to a high shine, which reflects the light optimally. Especially well-suited for high-ceilinged rooms, it can also be hung lower to provide pleasant lighting over a dining table or side table. The ceiling rose is made of hammered and shiny nickel-plated sheet metal. The length of the pendants can be individually adjusted upon demand.
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