Leiko hurricane stainless steel/ clear glass

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Product details
Edelstahl/ Klarglas
silber/ Klarglas
H 26 cm D 20 cm
Product description

Nowadays, no living ambience is imaginable without candles and storm lanterns. Storm lanterns come in all different materials and designs. With Leiko, the designer has achieved a clear and modern interpretation: a corpus mouth-blown from clear glass resting on a stainless-steel frame. Pour some fine sand or water into the glass to give the candle a secure foothold and you can let it burn all the way down without any worries. Melted wax can be removed carefully with warm water and dishwashing liquid, which should be done by hand. Large glass containers can burst in the dishwasher. Leiko should not be exposed to moisture for any length of time, as this would damage the surface.
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