Levante stormlantern clearglass H 37,5 D 33 cm

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Glas, mundgeblasen, mit losem Kerzeneinsatz für Kerze: D 7 cm, H 5 cm
H 37,5 cm, D 33 cm
Product description

These impressive storm lanterns are reminiscent of round goldfish bowls, although they are rejuvenated by burning candles and not a sad goldfish. Lambert offers this storm lantern in three sizes. The XXL version will naturally become the highlight of your terrace! Levante is mouth-blown and done in freehand, and masterfully handcrafted. The top rim is trimmed and folded back with a spatula. This broad, uneven “collar” lends the glass body additional stability and a special handcrafted touch. Glass rims in this style are very rare, as there are few glassworks still capable of this complicated handcrafting technique. The candleholder inside can be easily taken out to clean and remove wax drippings and soot. Dimensional tolerances and occlusions in the glass are signs of the originality of these imposing storm lanterns and give each one its unique character.
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