Lhamo bowl iron round

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Eisen, geometrische Optik
H 19 cm, D 65 cm
Product description

A small and unusually creative manufacturer in India makes the impressive and unmistakable Lhamo bowls for Lambert by hand, piece by piece. Solid iron wire is pre-cut into pieces, which are then soldered individually. Traces of this handcrafting are deliberately left visible and the soldering points become decorative elements. In a final step, the finished workpiece is thoroughly degreased and shiny nickel plated, or for the natural dark variant a layer of clear protective varnish is applied. The untreated metal can darken in places over time under this clear varnish, giving the bowl a living, irregular appearance. Clean your Lhamo bowl carefully with a damp cloth. The bowl may not be exposed to constant moisture.
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Lhamo bowl iron round
Lhamo bowl iron round
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