Mahe vessel / bronze, H 28 cm, D 16,5 cm

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H 28 cm, D 16,5 cm
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Making ceramic pots is one of the oldest handcrafting techniques known to mankind, and has remained almost unchanged throughout the centuries. To this day, pots and containers are still made more or less in a similar process. The Mahe vessels are cast from fine ceramics and fired before a drip glaze is applied. The reactive glaze of each piece runs differently when fired and small air bubbles and colour changes are a part of this glazing technique. The result is a vase with unmistakable character, each one a truly unique piece. Hand-made ceramics was burnt by over 1000 degrees and should be waterproof. During use, tiny hairline cracks could cause and let moisture pass through. Use a waterproof plastic insert to protect floor and furniture surfaces.
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