Makani hurricane large nickel/glass H45,5 D18,5cm

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Sockel Metall gehämmert, Glaseinsatz für Kerze: D 8 cm
H 45,5 cm, D 18,5 cm
Product description

Nowadays, no living ambience is imaginable without candles and storm lanterns. Storm lanterns come in various different materials and designs. With Makani, the designer has created a clear and modern interpretation: a corpus of mouth-blown from clear glass rests on a sand-cast, nickel-plated aluminium foot. The glass cylinder of Makani is made of mouth-blown glass and proudly shows the traces of handcrafting, such as tiny air bubbles and streaks. Makani is also available in a miniature format. Resting on the small nickel-plated base is a glass filled with a candle. After the candle is depleted, simply use this enchanting accessory as a tea candle. Candlewax can easily be removed with lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid, and this should be done by hand. Large glass containers should not be put in the dishwasher, as this could cause the glass to crack. Makani should not be exposed to moisture for extended periods of time as this could damage the finish.
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