Malmö tray alu round large

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H 5 cm, D 40 cm
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The modern and simple shape of the Malmö series is inspired by Scandinavian design and its traditions, combined with practical use. Malmö is formed out of fine metal sheeting, which is then carefully polished to a shine, nickel-plated and specially accentuated on the inside with a delicate coloured enamel varnish. The opaque pastel colours of the differently sized bowls and trays can be excellently combined with one another. The round tray in two sizes is suitable for serving food and drink as well as for keeping mail or small knick-knacks in a decorative way. The rectangular tray set is the perfect organizer for keeping things neat on the desk or in the hallway, but is just as suitable for displaying cosmetics and other objects in the bath and bedroom. The round bowls are designed for nuts, fruit and other goodies. The Malmö series should be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing liquid before polishing dry immediately. SEASONAL PRODUCT
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