Masao bowl iron plated/ brass

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Product details
Eisen patiniert/ Messing
anthrazit/ gold
H 8 cm B 70 cm T 32 cm
Product description

Handcrafting is the name of the game when Lambert develops exciting and decorative living accessories. And the Masao containers and bowls are fine examples of this. Each container is not only hand-moulded of metal into its archetypical calabash shape but also finished with a very special surface decoration. The anthracite-coloured patinated surface is adorned with a graphic pattern of brass solder seams which is reminiscent of African water jugs. Each one of these containers and also the elegantly-curved bowl is individually fashioned by the artisan, making each one a slightly different, unique piece. The surface of the Masao bowl is also sensitive to prolonged exposure to moisture and acidity and should only be used to hold fruit as long as it is still in its natural skin. These bowls should not be used for salads. The best way to clean them is with a soft, moist cloth and a bit of mild dishwashing liquid.
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