Mena console zebrano veneer high gloss laquered

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Furnier Zebrano-Optik mit schwarzem, pulverbeschichtetem Eisengestell
H 86 cm 85 x 34 cm
Product description

Classic and timeless elegance in harmony with any style of interior decorating – that’s Mena. The combination of perfect proportions and the elegant sheen of varnished veneer brings life to a free wall. Veneer with a Zebrano pattern is applied to the exterior, finished with several layers of clear varnish and then sanded and polished for many hours with ever-finer sandpaper until the perfect shine is achieved. The console’s corpus is forged from powder-coated metal. The surface should be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth which also may be slightly damp. Abrasive cleaning agents and objects would scratch the surface.
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