Myoshi coffee table

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bronze, anthrazit
H 34,5 cm, D 52 cm
Product description

Myoshi is the masterpiece of one of our best manufacturers. With meticulous attention to detail, sturdy iron wires are soldered together to fashion each piece of furniture. The pieces of wire are affixed with brass solder one by one in a purposefully organic, irregular pattern. It takes several days for up to three craftsmen working simultaneously to finish each work of art. The metal wire is covered in dark zinc plating and finished with a protective coating of clear varnish. The tabletop is made of aluminium in an archaic sand-casting process, the traces of which are clearly visible on the surface, making each piece slightly different than the others. Also in a handcrafting process, the table top is finished with a bronze-coloured patina. The frame and table top can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid. Spills of acidic liquids such as coffee or wine must be wiped off immediately.
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Myoshi coffee table
Myoshi coffee table
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