Naomi vessel alu/nickel-plated 37x22 H24cm

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Product details
Aluminium gehämmert
H 24 cm, 37 x 22 cm
Product description

The shape of the Naomi vase is reminiscent of a large pebble that has been tumbled about by water in a river. In a special handcrafting technique the metal is hand-hammered into shape and further enhanced by the delicate hammered finish of the surface, with high-gloss nickel plating. All Lambert products are unique handcrafted pieces, so that slight variations in shape and individual surface textures are integral parts of the character of the product. To avoid corrosion on the surface of the metal lining of the vase, it is advisable to set a glass or plastic container inside it. In any case, corrosion will not harm the metal.
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