Oslo vase/vessel stainless steel

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Product details
Edelstahl brüniert
silber/dunkel bronze
H 31 cm D 18 cm
Product description

The form of the Oslo vase is captivating with its simplicity and clean lines. Its well-balanced proportions are convincing. Although its Nordic clarity makes Oslo a deco statement, it’s also ideal for daily use, either as a cooler for a bottle of crisp white wine or as a vase for cut flowers. The surface is a clever combination of different colour shades, with the silvery-satin finish of the goblet in contrast to the matte-bronzed foot and its silvery colour accent. The surface should not be cleaned with sharp objects or abrasive cloths, as they will scratch the delicate finish. All that’s needed for cleaning are a soft cloth, dishwashing liquid and a bit of warm water.
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