Paarl bowl aluminium hammered, nickel-plated

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Product details
Aluminium getrieben
H 13,5 cm, D 47 cm
Product description

Large bowls and wine coolers not only set accents on a table, they are also a statement for the appealing ambience of a special lifestyle. Paarl is made for Lambert using meticulous handcrafting techniques. Each piece is hand-hammered into shape over a mould, then ground and polished and finished with an irregular surface etching. Nickel-plated articles should not be exposed to acidity as they will otherwise lose their elegant sheen. Neither should water be allowed to stand for days in the wine cooler, as unsightly scale deposits (water marks) will result. Clean with a soft damp cloth and dishwashing liquid. Spots can easily be removed with a non-abrasive silver polish.
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