Paladino Vase

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Glas, Handschliff horizontal, Silberauflage handgemalt
H 40 cm, D 25 cm
Product description

The glass is blown into wooden moulds, the shapes of which gradually change over the course of time; this also influences the shape of the finished item. Streaks and irregularities are signs of this process and enhance the value of each item. The decorative lines are applied by hand and also deliberately made irregular; silver paint is painted on and then burnt in. They too show the signs of the individual craftsman and his meticulous efforts. Sometimes there might be a little more silver on the brush; with the next brush stroke the metal solution could be a little thinner or taken just over the rim. All of these characteristics are signs of a genuine item, and mean that you can appreciate your piece of art even more.
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Paladino Vase
Paladino Vase
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