Prismo sidetable/stool H 46 cm 45x45 cm

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H 46 cm 45x45 cm
Product description

The small geometrical body with its many rough edges and corners is the ideal side table for indoors and out. This practical furniture is made for Lambert from a precise mixture of fine sand and concrete. This fluid is not poured as usual, but rather in combination with a prefabricated case that is lined with natural sisal fibre for stabilization. As these pieces of furniture are weatherproof, they can stand outdoors all year round and are easy to care for. With its organic shape Prismo is reminiscent of fossilized tree trunks. Thanks to its compact size, Prismo can also be used in less spacious living rooms, on small terraces and balconies and makes an ideal spot to place a drink or a pair of sunglasses.
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