Ryota vessel aluminium set of 2

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Product details
matt nickel / matt gold
klein H 17 cm, D 21,5 cm, groß H 26 cm, D 32 cm
Product description

Every plant deserves a big, showy pot – the must- have of every plant lover. Ryota is made completely by hand. Each piece is hand-hammered into shape from fine metal sheeting and then finished by hand with finely-hatched fluting. The intricate structure is also worked into the workpiece with fine tools. The inside of each Ryota is gold-patinated; the outside is matte nickel-plated in a refining process that requires several handcrafting steps. Flowers and branches look especially nice in the Ryota container, which also cuts a fine figure as a plant pot. As prolonged exposure to water can cause the metal to corrode, a glass or plastic insert should be used. The surfaces of the pot are easy to clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Sharp objects should be avoided as they will leave scratches on the fine finish.
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