Ryota vessel aluminium

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außen nickel, innen gold
H 18 cm, D 34 cm
Product description

Large, decorative pots and vases are a must-have for every plant and flower lover. Ryota is made completely by hand, which means the metal sheeting is hand-hammered and then a finely fluted surface texture is etched by hand. This fine structure is meticulously created with fine tools. Ryota is patinated on the inside and finished on the outside with matte nickel plating. Each piece is finished in several handcrafting steps. Flowers and branches look particularly nice in the Ryota vase. However, as contact with water can cause the metal to corrode over time, a glass or plastic insert should be used at all times. The surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Abrasive sponges should not be used, as they would scratch the delicate finish.
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Ryota vessel aluminium
Ryota vessel aluminium
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