Suong pot aluminium

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Product details
Aluminium, gebürstet
H 16 cm, D 29,5 cm
Product description

Beautiful vessels that are also functional often have a simple, almost archetypical form. The shape of Suong is one of clear simplicity, further emphasizing its exciting surface structure. Using a handcrafting technique with various different brushes, an interesting etched texture is created which clearly exhibits the signature of the artisan in every piece. Suong then gets its gentle shimmer from a Galvano electroplating process. Suong bowls can be used to hold fruit or baked goods, its shape is also suited as a decorative pot for plants or a container for eye-catching flower arrangements. To prevent the inside of the bowl from corroding, a saucer or a plastic inset for water should be inserted. The bowl can be easily cleaned with warm water and some dishwashing liquid.
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Suong pot aluminium
Suong pot aluminium
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