Taza candlestand steel

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Edelstahl, gehämmert, für Kerze: D 5 cm und 8 cm
H 125 cm, D 11,5 cm, für Kerze: D 5 und 9 cm
Product description

Taza is much more than a normal candleholder. Like an imposing, elegant indoor torch Taza cuts a particularly fine figure when placed in groups, in the living room, for example on the mantelpiece, or in the front hallway, or even a covered seating area outside. Taza can hold candles of various thicknesses and has a removable candle socket. The candleholders are handcrafted and the outer surface is finely hammered for an eye-catching finish. To give it more stability an extra weight is inserted in the base.
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Taza candlestand steel
Taza candlestand steel
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