Treasure cabinet ray skin imitation - charcoal

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außen Rochenimitat, innen seidenmatt lackiert, Gestell Stahl, pulverbeschichtet
Top 40 x 40 x 40 cm, Gestell: H 93,5 cm, H gesamt 136 cm
Product description

Perched on a delicate throne of matte, blackened metal legs is a lofty cubical cupboard, whose front is optically divided into four squares, cleverly concealing how the doors are really opened. Hand-finished with highquality imitation stingray skin or painted in a spectacular semi-gloss black-and-red contrast, every variant of this little gem is brilliant. The front section of this little treasure chest opens up to offer lots of space inside the doors and in the flexible interior, as well as free space that can be used to put things on.
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