Uranus table top wreath with 4 candleholders

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Product details
Aluminium, 4 Kerzenhalter
vernickelt glänzend
H 15,5 cm, D 43,5 cm, für Kerze D 8 cm
Product description

The modern wreath with its clear lines and generous proportions is not only a special table decoration during the weeks of Advent. With a few ivy leaves or flowers wound around it, a festive atmosphere can be created for a table on other special occasions as well. Uranus is handcrafted from sturdy metal sheeting and then finished with shiny nickel plating. Hot candlewax can be carefully removed with warm water and a soft cloth; Uranus should generally not be cleaned with abrasive or scratchy sponges. This way, the wreath will keep its radiant shine year after year and can even be passed down to the next generation.
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