Yuki side table set

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Untergestell Eisen pulverbeschichtet, Tischplatte Aluminium
große Platte graphit, kleine Platte vernickelt
H 55 cm, 50 x 26 cm/ H 49 cm, 43 x 22 cm
Product description

Side tables are true allrounders. Whether in the entry hall, for holding a lamp and a book beside the sofa or armchair or in a bedroom, such small tables come in handy in any room. Yuki is made using classic handcrafting techniques. The delicate iron frame is powder-coated and the tabletop is made in a sand-casting process and finished with a fine woven pattern. The tabletops with their interplay of dark patina and shiny nickel make these small tables especially interesting. Yuki is not intended for use outdoors. The surfaces should not be cleaned with abrasive microfiber cloths. A soft damp cloth is ideal. Red wine and other acidic liquids can damage the surface and should be wiped off immediately.
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Yuki side table set
Yuki side table set
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